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About Us

Conferenzia World is an established professional conference and event organizer based in Europe. We work closely with our delegates in organizing international conferences, bringing together experts, academia, and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines to discuss options and strategies in their individual fields. Our international conferences aim to provide our participants with a positive experience and help them perform in their daily responsibilities while overcoming any possible challenges.




Our Mission

With our exceptional market research, customised ideas and conferences, we aim to empower our delegates with up-to-date information for future growth and development within their respective industries. We intend to achieve this objective with our tailor-made and industry-driven values.

Our Vision

To establish long term relationships within various industries by providing quality services that meet and exceed our delegates demands.

How Do I Register For An Event?


1. See our event schedule

Look into upcoming events of your choice

2. Submit your details

Fill in the registration form

3. Wait for our call

One of our sales representatives will contact you as soon as possible with the payment and booking details

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy and ready to answer all your questions. However, before writing to us, please take a moment to see if the answer to your question is already here.

For the complete list of our FAQ, click the button below:

Q. How to register for an event?
A. The best way how to register is to use the events registration form that you should be able to find on each event page. In case you need our assistance, you can contact us directly.


You can also communicate with us using WhatsApp or Viber!

Q. Can we register for the conference if we do not know the name of the attending delegate(s)?

A. Yes! The registration form can be sent to us ( without the name(s) of the attending delegate(s). In the names section of the registration form please use “TBA” (to be announced). The name(s) can be provided up to 7 days prior to the event.

Q. What is the method of payment?

A. We accept all major credit cards – VISA, Mastercard, Diners, AMEX etc. We also accept payment via bank transfer. If you would like to pay using bank transfer please indicate that you need a “proforma invoice” on the registration form. However, our preferred method of payment is payment with credit/debit card.

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Reviews From Our Past Events

Testimonials From Previous Attendees


"I enjoyed the summit as I learnt a lot about current CX and Digital Transformation challenges. Great minds came together to discuss our experience about People-Oriented CX. It is really hard to change processes and priorities in organizations even though there are clear data-driven reasons and explanations. I was amused to see how companies from different verticals – such as theme parks, retail stores or FMCG brands – approach CX and what initiatives they have to learn more about customer needs. Neticle has an important role in driving this shift for clients - it takes time and CX managers need partners and support from the other departments as well. Though measurement and KPIs are getting more and more standardized, the meaning behind the ratings, so the customer verbatim management is still a problem to solve. It is not sustainable to read and process hundreds or thousands of text units one by one, so automation is a must-have now. I personally enjoyed being on stage and sharing my thoughts with more than 100 CX-engaged professionals. It's been a unique opportunity to start meaningful discussions about text analytics in the field of CX and digital transformation. All participants were highly experienced, open-minded, aiming to learn from the others."


Peter Szekeres

     Péter Szekeres
     Co-founder and Chairman, Neticle Enterprise Text Analytics


Testimonials From Previous Attendees


"Matias and I had a really great time at the summit in Amsterdam. We met a lot of interesting people and who are very interested in our new solution Videobot. Matias presentation was also very appreciated and I believe inspired many of the attendees."


Carolyn Gobran 1

     Carolyn Gobran
     Sales & Marketing Manager, Videobot


Testimonials From Previous Attendees


"I was very pleased to be able to show case many of the offerings Lonza has to offer and it was good to have so many questions after the presentation and also after the conference ended. I guess it is always a good sign if a topic receives further interest over the course of the event. Many thanks for your organization of the event and for inviting Lonza to share its broad range of Development Technologies approaches and experience in speeding time from Development to Clinic. I too learned a lot from the other presentations on the day."


James Berrie

     James Berrie
     Technical Director, Global Process Development, Lonza