In-House Training

In-house Training

With an everchanging business models, companies face several problems that requires specific solutions. It’s a challenge to find right solution at right time. No matter which industry you belong to, we develop or customize training courses or shorter lectures specifically to your needs taking place in privacy of your company, including real-life case studies and best practices and led by an independent industry expert. From accounting to engineering, strategy to transformation, our experts are dedicated to address your company’s specific needs.


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We have experts for any topic of your interest

René van der Poel, CEO, ConPoel Solutions GmbH
René is global insurance expert and delivers consultancy and training services on bancassurance and insurance topics. He is actively advising on distribution, partnership development, digitization & innovation, regulation, strategy and operational execution. He is a well-known speaker and chairman at various conferences around the world. René has 30 years’ experience in financial services and worked and lived in the Netherlands, USA, the Caribbean, India, Germany and Austria. Over the years 2010-2017, René developed and headed the International Competence Center Bancassurance ERGO in Europe and Asia. This team was also global expert team for Munich Re.

Prior to this, René worked in various management roles within ING Group. Amongst them as Sales Director of ING Life Insurance in India, Bangalore (2006-2009) and ING Netherlands (1998-2005).
He gained experience in bancassurance and insurance projects in many local markets, i.e., Europe, India, China, South East Asia, Latin America and Africa. René van der Poel was born in the Netherlands and made his degree in Business Economics (drs) at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. He is CEO and Founder of ConPoel Solutions GmbH, a consultancy firm in Vienna, and EFMA Senior Advisor for Insurance.


  1. Insurance and Insurtechs.
  2. Innovation/Digitization in Insurance.
  3. Business Partnerships & Ecosystems.
  4. Global/Regional Insurance developments.
  5. Bancassurance.


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