Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy and ready to answer all your questions. However, before writing to us, please take a moment to see if the answer to your question is already here.

Q. Can we register for the conference if we do not know the name of the attending delegate(s)?
A. Yes! The registration form can be sent to us ( without the name(s) of the attending delegate(s). In the names section of the registration form please use “TBA” (to be announced). The name(s) can be provided up to 7 days prior to the event.
Q. What is the method of payment?
A. We accept all major credit cards – VISA, Mastercard, Diners, AMEX etc. We also accept payment via bank transfer. If you would like to pay using bank transfer please indicate that you need a “proforma invoice” on the registration form. However, our preferred method of payment is payment with credit/debit card.
Q. Can I register online?
A. There is a possibility to register online. In this case please provide the full details on the online registration and your contact number in international format. The registration department will contact you immediately to assist you on how to proceed with the registration fees payment.
Q. What is the dress code for the conference?
A. Just like every business meeting the dressing code is professional. In most industries, professional dress means wearing a suit – slacks or skirt, button shirt, and a matching jacket. Men should wear a tie and dress shoes, and women should wear stockings and closed-toe shoes. Suits should be in neutral colors such as grey, navy, brown or black. Alternative dress codes are acceptable as long as it conforms to a business environment for example business casual.
Q. What is the dress code for Networking dinner?
A. Suitable dinner wear or party dress.
Q. Can I attend the conference for only one day?
A. In case you are not available for both days you can attend the event for just 1 day. You will be required to pay 70% of the full participation fees. The full conference materials will be sent to you after the conference.
Q. Can I get access to the presentation after the conference?
A. All presentations will be made available to participants after the conference. Meanwhile, some of the presentations will already be available before and during the event. You will be given a passcode and login details which you will use to get access to the case study presentations from our online portable. The link to the online portable will be provided on your conference materials which will be given to you at the registration desk.
Q. Is the online documentation fees included in the participation fees?
A. Yes!
Q. Can I get access to the online documentation in case I will not be able to attend the conference?
A. The online documentation which includes the full case study presentations and delegate lists can be purchased in the case you will not be present at the conference. You can contact our registration departments at
Q. Will I have access to the participants for easy networking?
A. Sure, the full participants list will be provided to every delegate at the conference. Participants list will include names of the delegates, Job titles, Company and Country.
Q. Can I split the 2 days with a colleague?
A. If you make full payment you can split the 2 days with a colleague. You can attend day 1 whilst your colleague attends day 2 or vice versa. Although this is not preferred, it’s acceptable. Please note that for you to get the full benefits of the event is advisable to attend both.
Q. Do I have to pay VAT?
A. For most of the events, we are required by law to charge VAT. However, the VAT is reclaimable after the event. Your accountant may have more information about this. For participants from EU, it’s necessary that you include your VAT number on the registration form.
Q. Is substitution possible?
A. In case you will not be able to attend the event after registration for whatever reason, you can send a substitute to replace you for no extra cost. The name of the substitute should be provided at least 7 days to the event.
Q. In the case of cancellation can I get a refund?
A. In the eventuality that a person cannot attend the event after making full payment, in order to obtain a full credit note as a refund for the event, Conferenzia World must be notified in writing 4 weeks prior to the event. Any fees are strictly non-refundable.
Q. Can I get an invitation letter to acquire a VISA in order to attend the event?
A. If you require a visa in order to attend a conference, we can issue you an official invitation for the application of a VISA only after FULL payment of the participation fees has been made.
Q. What is included in the participation fees?
A. Fees are inclusive of the 2-day conference/workshop, materials, lunches, snacks, refreshments and networking dinner. If not stated, the hotel and travel expenses are NOT included in the participation fees.
Q. What should I bring to the conference?
A. Come prepared with notes and possible questions you would like to ask the speakers. The agenda will be provided in hard copy to all participants at the event. You can bring your laptops, tablets, mobile phones to the conference room. WIFI will be made available in the conference room which you can use to access the case study presentations.
Q. Is there the possibility for a group discount?
A. If you would like to inquire about group discounts, please contact our registration department:
Q. Will there be discounted hotel reservations?
A. In general, we negotiate a reduced rate in the same hotel the conference is being held in. If you would like to stay at another hotel, we are more than happy to make an alternative recommendation.
Q. Why should I pay participation fees? Isn’t it too expensive?
A. Our events are well designed and particularly organized to bring senior level management and key decision makers in the industry under one roof. Networking with such professionals at our event does not only give you easy access to have one on one meeting but also to benefit from their vast experience and diverse industry knowledge rather than free events whose presentations are mostly sales pitch and related to particular services or solutions. Unlike free events, our events are organized in 4-5 star hotels with excellent catering services to create a conducive business environment for effective networking.
Q. How and where can I get the budget to attend the event?
A. Most companies provide a budget for external training. You will need to ask your management or HR department to seek approval. Some participants pay from their own pockets as our events are totally irresistible. When going for approval from your boss please note the following tips: -Make sure you have the agenda of the event and the topics to be discussed are beneficial for your career development -Find the RIGHT TIME to approach your boss to make a case for yourself. State how the event will increase your knowledge about a particular subject or how your meeting with some of the key speakers and how the take-home message you will bring back to the company can be beneficial -Do follow up. Constantly remind your boss. Bosses are always occupied with other things to its easy for them to forget your proposal.
Q. What is the difference between ‘vendor/consultant/solution provider’ and ‘End User’?
A. Vendors/Solution providers are companies who mainly provide software solutions whose aim of attending the conference is to find clients/business partners who are interested in their solutions while consultants are also attendees who attend the event to find new clients. Vendor/consultant/solution provider’ mainly attend the conference to do business! While ‘End Users’ are attendees who attend the conference to listen to the speaker’s presentations to get new ideas for their business.
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