How Rethinking AI Could Help Us Save the Planet

At Corporate Parity we strive to do our part in protecting the planet. Therefore, we make sure to address sustainable development in our diverse event programmes, and equip our clients […]

Why Amsterdam?

Over the past years, Corporate Parity has held a great number of successful forums, summits and conferences in Amsterdam. This is not a mere coincidence, as we feel that the […]

5 Tips For Successful Fintech Sales

Anish Ramakrishna Kurup, Manager – Retail Projects & Retail Partnering (Global) joined Corporate Parity as a speaker & panel discussion moderator at the 3rd Banking Transformation & Innovation Summit in […]

Building an Innovation Ecosystem

In preparation for the upcoming R&D Innovation, Design Thinking & Product Development Summit we have had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Grandinetti about the panel discussion he will be moderating.   […]

Teach Teams How To Think, Not What To Think

A key theme for the summit is „…how to optimize your strategy, transform your organization and leverage not only data but also people, new technologies and processes.“ My interactive sessions […]

The Past & Future of Data Science

It’s hard to conceive the fact that only fifteen years ago there was no term as “data science” at all. Up to date, there’s hardly a single business area that […]

Why do (Once-Successful) Organisations Die?

Research shows that many companies “linger” but, over time, their ROSF (return on shareholders’ funds) falls away. Despite clear and overt trend indicators, executives are reluctant to change, to move […]